Sunday, February 28, 2010

Waterpark of America

I took a bunch of the Deacons in our ward to the Waterpark of America a month or so ago. We had a great time! They're a good group of guys.

Winter Sledding

We have an awesome backyard for sledding! Hunter was out over Christmas and the kids had a great time with him!

Busy Sunday

We have had a busy Sunday today. I thought our church meetings were excellent. I attended the marriage & family relations class today without Brooke because we've been struggling recently. Not really but she was busy with a YW meeting. I did get to talk a lot about her and share many of the great things she does for our family. She's a wonderful wife and mother! I think we balance each other out very nicely. She had new countertops put in this past week. She does a great job keeping our house in order.