Saturday, June 18, 2011

I love coming home to this...

The best part about Davis being old enough to babysit is that the kids get creative when I'm gone and do something really sweet to surprise me. I left the 3 boys home and took Sadie to swimming. This sign was waiting for me in the kitchen upon my return. (We love you, Mom! Look on back)

Yep, that says we cleaned and vacuumed the house! They were hiding behind the island in the kitchen and jumped out to yell surprise once I read their note...I loved it!!!! It was very sweet because, man, we have had a long week with Carter gone on back-to-back business trips. I felt guilty, because more than once this week I had thought about selling one of those boys at a garage sale :) I will keep all 3 of them for sure now...

Their creativity goes up a notch when Sadie joins in the fun. This is what Carter and I pulled up to after a date the other night:

I'm not sure if you can read it clearly, but they wrote Beach Party! in sidewalk chalk on the driveway. They also filled up a bucket full of water balloons that they were planning to launch at us, but we were able to convince them to war w/ the bathing suit wearers only. Ffffewwwww!

Their water balloon fight turned into a car washing of the van, which was definitely needed. I had kind of forgotten how much fun washing the car can be for these guys, especially when it is their idea and not mine...

They were having so much fun with the car wash that Carter and I had a second to sneak in a badminton game. I had secretly been training during the day with Mason and Davis, so Carter was completely bewildered when I schooled him repeatedly :) I came away with several titles including, "Champion of the Swift Family", "Champion of Kirkwood Avenue", "Champion of Minnesota", and "Champion of the World". However, Carter still maintained the coveted title "Champion of the Dreaded Point of Doom". Don't ask!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spa Treatment!

Carter and the boys went on their annual Father-Son Campout in Western Wisconsin and this year Harrison was finally deemed big enough to join them. Sadie and I decided to make it special for us, too, so we threw a spa party for a bunch of Sadie's gal pals. Sadie was in her element as the hostess! I wish I had a picture of all of the girls together, but alas, I was too busy painting fingernails.

Harrison was sad that he missed all the spa stuff when he was camping, so we put a clay mask on him in the bathtub! The best part is how my bathtub is actually the same color as the sea foam mask. People were just way too excited about all of the fiberglass color options in the 1970's :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter in MN

Check out Harrison sledding in our backyard and the giant icicles which were hanging from our roof.